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Wreckless Media Radio is a comedy talk radio show and podcast based out of detroit that strives with every show to break down the boundries of censorship and good taste. You may be offended, you will laugh. The funniest podcast you'll listen to all week and the ONLY detroit podcast you'll ever need.

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UPDATE: Where’s the show been?

Posted by Brian on in News

First off, I’d like to apologize for not writing this update sooner. I mean, I could harp on you guys for not following me on social media, because I have explained this already on there… BUT I won’t do that. The show WILL be coming back, that I promise. On the last two episodes I released (in the intro) I said that I may have figured out the audio issue … READ MORE

Comedy Podcast White T-Shirt

WMR Store Addition: White WMR Logo Shirts Now Available

Posted by Brian on in News

A lot of you have been holding out for the insanely stylish, goes with everything, super-power wielding, white WMR logo T-Shirt from the official Wreckless store. Well… you’re wait is over. We have now added the White Tee to the store! I’m super excited for this one just because I wear A LOT of white tees. You can get yours from

For those of you who have already … READ MORE

Comedy Podcast Shirt

The Store is OPEN! Come Get a Shirt that Makes You Invincible

Posted by Brian on in News

The much anticipated Wreckless Media Radio store is open for business! A lot more merchandise will be coming very soon. So far, everyone I gave demo shirts to are reporting some unbelievable things happening while wearing it. Some are claiming that the shirt makes you invincible, others are reporting that the shirt makes levitation possible. Get one yourself, and let us know what power you get. Me, I got the … READ MORE

Comedy Podcast Merchandise

The WMR Store is Opening This Week

Posted by Brian on in News

Since I started this show, listeners have always asked if I was going to open an online shop where they could buy official shirts and merch. My response was always, “it’s coming soon”. After years of saying that, I’m happy to announce that this week, we will be launching the actual Wreckless Media Radio store! The official name of the store is, The Dumb Ol’ WMR Store for Creeps, Vagrants, … READ MORE

Wreckless Media Video: The Boss

Posted by Brian on in Video

Since there is no show tonight because Greg is taking me to a WWE event tonight, I thought I’d throw you guys a bone and release the new Wreckless Media Video: The Boss. This thing is weird as fuck.

Wreckless Media Video: The Boss

Wreckless Media Video’s 2nd Release: The Boss

Posted by Brian on in News

I would like to present everyone with the second official Wreckless Media Video release entitled The Boss. If you thought our last release, Birds of the Wetland, was weird, just wait until you see this! This short is so freaking strange… seriously.

For now, I will be releasing the Wreckless Media Videos on VIP first (because lets face it… they’re better than you and they deserve it) but then I will release SOME, … READ MORE

New Studio Update

Posted by Brian on in News

I wanted to give everyone a quick update on the show. It’s been a few weeks since we last did a podcast, and god damn do I miss it! The reason we haven’t done a show in a while, if you haven’t heard, is because there is currently no studio! We are in the process of completely redoing it. New furniture, new look, and new equipment.

When starting this project … READ MORE


The Hotel from Hell Mini-Doc

Posted by Brian on in News

If you follow me on twitter or are apart of the WMR Facebook group, you may have heard something about my horrific experience at a hotel. I just released the mini-documentary video that showcases me and Sarah’s nightmare experience at the hotel from hell. It’s also possibly the most hilarious video ever, simply because this hotel is the crappiest most bizarre place I have ever stayed. I have soooo many complaints. … READ MORE

wmr game uncle sam

Help WMR Create the Most Controversial Game Ever

Posted by Brian on in News

That’s right! Wreckless Media Radio is making an indie game… the goriest, over the top, sadistic indie game the world has ever seen, and we need YOUR help. If you have any of the skills listed below, please contact me either by email (, by posting on the forum, messaging  me on FaceBook, or any other means of communication. We really want to make this happen, and by utilizing the … READ MORE