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Help WMR Create the Most Controversial Game Ever

Posted by Brian on in News
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That's right! Wreckless Media Radio is making an indie game... the goriest, over the top, sadistic indie game the world has ever seen, and we need YOUR help. If you have any of the skills listed below, please contact me either by email (, by posting on the forum, messaging  me on FaceBook, or any other means of communication. We really want to make this happen, and by utilizing the skills of the WMR fan base we think we can.

I should also mention there is great potential to make money here too! If the game does well, we all share in the profits.

Listener NickThePrick has taken on the role as lead developer and has a lot of experience. He has been a wealth of information and has also put this whole thing into motion.

If you think you have the skills to fill any of these roles, then welcome aboard WMR's The Will To Live Game Development Team.

  • 1 Animator/Rigger
  • 2 3D Artists (Modeling / Texturing / Character / Environment)
  • 1 UI/UX Artist
  • 1 Scripter / Programmer
  • 1 Lead Programmer / Oculus Programmer
  • 1 Sound Engineer

I'm sure we can find these roles in the Wreckless Crew talent pool.

NickThePrick has wrote up the nitty-gritty on the details of what we need and what the developers would be doing. Here it is:

We need an anmiator capable of animating a victim that is tied down. The victim either needs blend shapes for different facial expressions of horror and pain as well as some passive expressions. The range of motion on the victim is very limited, so the segmented body parts should behave well.

However, I don't know how the blend shapes of the face or a facial rig will behave in combinaiton with predetermined pieces of the face being removed. I would opt for keeping facial expressions and limiting mutilating the face so that you can see the pain on your victim. Blood sprites on the face are still okay.

The blood sprites are usually handled by a technical artist or VFX artist, but I can work in connection with the programmers to get something working. Esentially it's a way of compositing blood textures with alpha onto the base skin texture, so it looks like you're cutting into the flesh or getting blood spray on your flesh and the victim. It uses the camera vector and raytraces it onto the model and then does a look up for where it's hitting on the texture sheet and composites the blood texture onto the skin.  Plan B would be to change texture states so the victim gets progressively fucked up the more you click the mouse, but it wouldn't correlate to where you're cutting on it, so the cuts would randomly appear on the body.  We could segregate those texture changes to the individual areas where you're cutting, and look it up based on which bone your clicking nearest to, but then we'd have to blend them, so a line isn't visible between them.  It could be a vertex alpha blend.

We need to limit the array of victims you can torture. Brian can decide on who the victims are and then we can concept them. I'm thinking two males and two females. They all need to be in the supine position and all the same height to fit into the tie down straps and bed where the torture takes place. It doesn't have to be a real bed. It can be a wire matress or some boards of just a trash pile at table height, just as long as the straps or chains are all in the same place. Every time we change this up it multiplies the work for the animator.

I need to help with all three branches of the art side. Environments, character creation and texture painting. But, I definitely need another 3D artist to help with all this. You should know Maya or Max, Photoshop, ZBrush or Mudbox or another sculpting program and be a good all around artist.

We need a programmer who has an overall strong grasp of the Unity engine. They need to be able to program a camera system that allows for a first person player setup. As cheesy as it is, we could use a floating hand style cursor. That would make it easier for the programmers to link it up to the cutting action to the blood sprites, since it's just a UI overlay.

The programmer needs to help with the UI and flow and UX. The programmer needs to create placeholder UI art until a competant UI artist can come on board.

Depending on the skill set of the programmers brought on board, we can make a call on whether the Oculus Rift is possible. There is probably an SDK that they can look into.  It may be too much to handle, but let's not rule it out yet.  Let's get some 3D art assets ready first.

Brian and maybe some cohosts can help with the voice talent. We definitely need a girl to do the female torture screams. Brian can decide on tone and how silly / serious / evil / creepy / weird he wants to go with it. The sound guy can foley in other screams and ambient.

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One can only hope that this gets done, it’s gonna take a shit ton of work to be decent.

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