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New Studio Update

Posted by Brian on in News

I wanted to give everyone a quick update on the show. It's been a few weeks since we last did a podcast, and god damn do I miss it! The reason we haven't done a show in a while, if you haven't heard, is because there is currently no studio! We are in the process of completely redoing it. New furniture, new look, and new equipment.

When starting this project I had no idea it was going to take so long. The reason for this long delay is... well... it's a giant fucking pain in the ass to paint over black walls with white paint. I have spent so much money and time trying to cover up these damn walls, that when I'm finished, I never want to see another can of paint or roller again! The thought of painting anymore makes me want to sink into a vat of white primer until I slip away into a long, deep sleep. I seriously hate painting.

Anyway, the painting is just about finished and the new carpet should be installed tomorrow morning. If things keep moving at this pace it's likely that we could have a show this Friday. I will keep everyone updated.


Can’t wait to see the new digs.


White-on-black, yea, I can see how much of a pain in the ass that is to cover up. Curious to see the finished result.

Hope to be able to listen to the new episode this weekend, I need my fix, man.


hawwww yis, sounds like its gona look modern as all balls, hope the whiteness doesn’t ruin the lighting too much though..


White walls… new carpet… new “furniture” (crib)… new “equipment” (two way baby monitor)… o no… NURSERY!!!!


godspeed. How about a series of work-in-progress photos? I wanna see you guys do honest work


I was going to, but I don’t want people to make snap judgements about it until it’s done. It’s really fuckin’ close.

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